The Importance of Color In Staging

Color picWhen selling a home, the colors used both inside and outside can make a big impact. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls is the most cost effective way to appeal to more buyers.  Below are several color tips to get your home sold.

  • Choose a neutral color for staging a home. Neutral colors include creams, beiges, soft browns, tans, soft gray and warm white. When a potential buyer sees neutral walls it makes it easier for them to envision their own style, preferences, and decorations in the house.
  • Too many vibrant colors can also be a deterrent. Buyers should not feel overwhelmed by potentially having to paint over bold, harsh colors in several rooms. Additionally, neutral colors paired with clean and organized spaces make rooms appear larger.
  • Keep in mind that neutral does not mean white. When posting pictures for a home's internet listing, an earth-tone color palette will better capture a home's warmth. White does not generally have the same effect and can lead to the home being mundane, and therefore not memorable.
  • Just because the walls are neutral doesn't mean the room can't have color. A lot of personality can be added to a room by adding colorful throw pillows, bright pieces on book cases and shelves and coordinating pictures.
  • While it's very important to make sure the inside of the home appears to be move-in ready, don't forget about the outside! Decks, porches, and patios are great selling points for houses, so make sure to freshen them up with a new coat of paint. Also, painting the front door will add a splash of color and increase curb appeal.

If you would like a color consultation to maximize your investment in painting, give us a call.