2022 Design Trends: What's New In Staging & Design

To increase a listing's appeal, we carefully work in some of the latest design trends, as best fits the home. This year, you'll see an evolution of key staging and designs trends from 2021 spiked with new colors, prints, and designs. 

1. Sustainable is in. 

Buyers are looking for sustainable materials that are good for the environment and protect their family's health. They are likely to ask about volatile organic compounds in paints or finishes and to want no or low emissions. Buyers are expressing interest in companies like Flor, which makes rug and carpet tiles that can be individually cleaned or replaced.

You'll see how the trend for sustainable materials weaves into many of the trends that follow.

2. More organics.

We're using more organic materials—cotton, linen, and hemp—everywhere from bedding and duvets to towels and accent pieces. Expect a range of textures and layering. We'll continue to use cane, rattan, and wood furniture and décor.

3. New shapes.

The Japanese design aesthetic of wabi-sabi embraces curves and celebrates natural elements, including imperfections. This plays out in curvy sofas with curved chaise lounges, in the organic materials mentioned above, and in somewhat more muted color palettes.

4. New colors.

Last year, blue ruled. This year, it's green. From desaturated sage green to mossy green to mint green, we may add green to art and accessories (depending on the home's color scheme, of course!) 

5. Black trim.

This year, expect more black. In staging, we might recommend black trim to add drama in a family room, den, or office, or a black piece of furniture or accessory as an accent piece.

6. Botanicals.

Prints are in and botanicals lead the way. Expect a light touch, though, in a well-staged home, perhaps keeping existing wallpaper or adding more plants. 

7. What's new in the kitchen. 

Buyers still want white kitchens. What's changed: flat-front cabinets are in, as are mixed white and wood. Think lighter wood finishes that show the grain of the wood. Two-tone or even three-tone is fine. Gray is still used but is much less popular. For countertops, go with quartz.

8. Smart homes.

To wow your buyers, showcase the high-tech elements of the home. Practically, this means that more buyers want to control parts of their homes with their phones. Highlight everything from smart outlets and Nest thermostats to lights and blinds that can be dimmed or lowered through an app.

To see examples of some of these trends, see my 2022 staging and designs board on Pinterest.

If you'd like to talk more about how you can stage your upcoming listings to reflect this year's trends—and wow potential buyers—please reach out to me. I'd love to do a staging consult with you or your sellers to help get the best sales price for your listing.