How To Tackle A Tough Listing

It's much, much harder to successfully stage a listing that is being lived in. Or, where you're working with sellers who just aren't that flexible, or have serious constraints on time or budget. Sometimes, it's a home from an estate that's going on t…Continue reading→

Oh, That Smell!

Often overlooked by the current owner, the odor of a home can make or break a sale. Buyers who are allergic may turn and walk right out if they catch so much as a whiff of something off. Buyers instinctively place a higher value on a clean, fresh-sme…Continue reading→

Attract More Buyers By Staging Inside & Out

These days, outdoor spaces are increasingly important. Delight potential buyers by highlighting the unique outdoor features of your listing.  1. Draw attention to the view. To extend the home's living space, start from the inside out. Make sur…Continue reading→

Essential Kitchen Updates For Any Listing

Potential buyers will carefully scrutinize your listing's kitchen - particularly now, with more families dining in. Below is how to get a covetable kitchen without paying for a pricey renovation. The goal is a kitchen that is at or slightly above the…Continue reading→

How Staging Has Changed During The Pandemic

Buyers' needs are changing as the quarantine continues on. While the core tenets of staging have not changed, we are adapting how we stage to better meet your buyers' needs. Below are six ways we've adjusted our approach to staging:  1. De…Continue reading→

The Best Way To Stage A Master Bedroom

Prospective home buyers have many wants and needs. One of these is a master bedroom that looks and feels like a sanctuary: somewhere they can snuggle in, shut the door, and leave the world behind. Here is how to stage the perfect bedroom retreat:&nbs…Continue reading→

It's All About Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a frequently repeated mantra, for good reason. Potential buyers may be excited about a home based on the photos online, but if their first look results in the impression of a poorly maintained property, many will drive right on by. Her…Continue reading→

How To Stage A Home That Won't Sell

Almost every listing has its challenges. A professional stager's job is to show potential buyers the possibilities of the home, without saying a word.  How staging works: a $1.1 million example Recently, I was shown a listing that had not been…Continue reading→

The Best Way To Use Color When Staging A Home

The careful use of color is essential to a well-staged listing. A professional home stager will choose background and accent colors that fit the home, have broad appeal, and foster an emotional connection between potential buyers and your listing. &…Continue reading→

Home Staging Video and Radio Interviews

Watch and listen as Vivian Gilbert shares insights about home staging:   Staging A Home For Sale, with Brad Rozansky of The Rozansky Group: The importance of posting great photos of your listing, and how to apply the four core principles of …Continue reading→

How Much Staging Will A New Listing Need?

Realtors frequently ask how I evaluate a new listing. Much like a prospective buyer, a professional stager begins from the outside and works her way in. I start with these five questions:  1. What is the view from the curb? The outside of the …Continue reading→

Why Some Sellers Are Still Afraid Of Staging

Those of us in the industry know that staging works: smart staging puts more money in the seller's pocket and helps homes sell more quickly. There are clients, however, who are apprehensive about staging, and it's rarely about the investment required…Continue reading→

How Better Flow Makes A Home Look Bigger

Improving the flow of a home gives the appearance of a larger, more spacious home. Better flow unifies the space, inviting a buyer to walk from room to room and explore. Below are five tips on how to use flow to make your seller's home appear larger.…Continue reading→

The Best Way To Stage A Home Over The Holidays

A good realtor is always the best guide of the right time to list a home. For those who recommend listing in December to get a jump on the early spring market, here are five tips on staging during the holidays.  1. Pack up the decorations. My …Continue reading→

Create Space To Create Value

90% of home buyers are not good at gauging size or space. They can't walk into a room they haven't seen before and figure out how much furniture will fit, nor can they instantly imagine how to attractively arrange their furniture in the space.One of …Continue reading→

The Importance of Color In Staging

When selling a home, the colors used both inside and outside can make a big impact. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls is the most cost effective way to appeal to more buyers.  Below are several color tips to get your home sold. Choos…Continue reading→