It's Organic!

People pay more for a balanced, beautifully staged home. As much as your buyer will try to rationalize their decision, people buy emotionally. We stage to create an emotional connection, as at the end of the day, it's not about how it looks, but about how your buyer feels in the home.

Thoughtful use of on-trend organic décor and improving the flow of your listing will attract more offers. 

Finish with organics. 

The moment you add something organic, you're completing the room's design. By organic, I mean elements made of wood, wicker, cotton, fur, and leather, real or faux.

An organic element will soften austere surfaces and pristine rooms to make them warm and inviting. Organic décor adds variety, dimension, and interest to the room.

In the master bath, I'll use wooden elements like a teak tray or a wooden table or stool plus luxe cotton towels. Kitchen surfaces can be accented with wooden bowls or boards, plants, and fruit. Living areas and bedrooms get textured throws and pillows, wicker baskets, and natural rugs or real or faux cowhides. 

Improve the flow. 

Adjusting the flow of a home gives the appearance of a larger, more spacious listing. Better flow unifies the space, inviting a buyer to walk through the home and explore. To make your listing look larger:

  • Start with the outside. Clear the walkway, remove overhanging branches, and trim overgrown bushes or shrubs.
  • Don't block the doors. Your buyers should have easy access to every door, inside and out.
  • Create a path. Inside, move furniture to create a welcoming pathway of at least 30 to 36 inches through the home.
  • Unify with flooring. The same flooring, used throughout the main level, will help unify the space and make it appear larger. 
  • Create consistency with color. Wall color works the same way as flooring. The same wall color or even accent color throughout the main level will open up the home and make it look more spacious.


There are many ways we can work together to get a higher sales price for your listing. Call or email me to discuss our faster, better staging solutions and which is best for you and your sellers. I look forward to hearing from you.