Three Faster, Better Staging Options: Which Is Right For You?

The housing market is changing quickly. Limited inventory and fast deals may continue for the next two years, some experts say. Don't let that stop your sellers from getting absolute top dollar. We've adapted our staging services to fit today's fast, online-first buying process where so many of the listings are still occupied. Which is right for your sellers?

Option 1: The Zhuzh.

You thought your listing looked good and sent your photographer out to take photos. But, when the photos came back, something was missing. Your beautiful listing looked flat and boring. 

The Zhuzh is the best solution for this kind of fail. I'll study all of the photos, identify what is needed, and bring a thoughtful selection of décor and accessories. Then, I zhuzh up every room. The photographer returns to capture the enhanced look of your beautiful listing.

Ask me to see examples of listing photos before and after (the difference is night and day). 

Option 2: The Mini.

You might think of this one as strategic staging with a few supplemental accessories. An experienced realtor will know when we can work with what's already on hand. Instead of a full staging, I do an initial consult, give instructions to be carried out by the homeowner, and then return to execute my vision with help from the realtor. Strategic rearranging and repurposing of decorative pieces, art, and greenery—plus careful touches like swapping out all of the linens and towels—and the home is ready for photography. 

Option 3: The Mini With An Assist.

Often, I can see in the initial consult that we can work with the home's existing furniture and décor. But, there is furniture that will need to be moved. In this case, we schedule a hands-on staging where I provide the advice, some décor and accessories, and the client or scheduled movers provide the manpower. I'll choose what can be repurposed, direct where each piece should go, and then add the finishing touches and a final polish of each room.

Don't skip the staging! We all know that staging helps sell homes for top dollar. Listings using the services above all sold for well over ask. Talk to me about which of our faster, better staging options is right for you.