How Better Flow Makes A Home Look Bigger

Improving the flow of a home gives the appearance of a larger, more spacious home. Better flow unifies the space, inviting a buyer to walk from room to room and explore. Below are five tips on how to use flow to make your seller's home appear larger.

1. Work from the outside in.

Most buyers will walk through a home in pairs: either the buyer and a realtor or the buyer and his or her significant other. Take the time to make sure that the walkway leading to the front door is clear and free from overhanging branches. Trim overgrown bushes and move any plants or outdoor furniture well out of the way. 

2. Don't block the door.

A buyer wants to see the full potential of your seller's home. That means entering each room, opening closets, and stepping outside. Ensure that the buyer has easy access to every door: the doors to each room, closet doors, and glass or sliding doors. 

3. Create a path.

Move furniture to create a welcoming path through the home. A good rule of thumb is to create a pathway of at least 30 to 36 inches wide. This allows the buyer to move through the house freely and easily.

4. Unify with flooring.

A seller might enjoy the feeling of rooms that are clearly separated and may have chosen different colors and different flooring for each room. Today's buyers, however, prefer more of an open concept. The same flooring, used throughout the main level of the home, will help unify the space and make it appear larger. 

5. Create consistency with color.

Wall color works the same way: the same color throughout the main level opens up the home and makes it look more spacious.

If you cannot change the flooring or the walls, a consistent accent color - just a touch, so it's not overwhelming - will work to help unify the space. Similar pieces of art and a consistent style of décor will help, too.

See this video for more tips on how to successfully stage a home. If you have questions or would like to talk about how to improve the flow of one of your listings, please contact me.