The Final Touches That Will Make Your Listing Shine

The photos of your listing will determine whether the home sells quickly for top dollar - or languishes on the market. In these times, buyers are scrutinizing every picture of every room to decide whether or not to request a showing. Here are the final staging touches that will make your listing shine in those photos.  

1. Tidy up the bedrooms.

Before you leave the bedroom, after you think everything is perfect, turn around and look again. Is the bed skirt even? Have you tucked up the sheet so that it doesn't show under the comforter? Are the pillows fluffed and aligned? Have you smoothed out any wrinkles? Don't let a messy bed or wrinkled comforter turn off a potential buyer - because it will. 

2. Polish up the bathrooms.

Always open the shower curtain to make the bathroom look bigger. If you've closed it to hide soap and shampoo, tuck these away inside a cupboard instead. Next, check the counters. Remove your toiletries, carefully wipe all surfaces, and then add back just a few key items: a fancy bar of soap, a few carefully rolled towels, maybe a thriving succulent. Now, straighten up. Ensure towels are carefully folded and hung neatly on the rack. Always, always put the toilet seat down.

3. Inspect the shelving.

Open shelving can be trendy. But, it just doesn't show well in photos. Visible stacks of clothing in bedrooms, no matter how neatly folded, will distract your potential buyers. Instead, tuck items into baskets or containers to present a more uniform appearance. Remove all clothes from the top shelf. 

Apply the same principle to open shelving in the mudroom, laundry area, and even the kitchen. 

4. Get it off the floor.

The only items that should be touching the floor are carefully chosen furniture and rugs. The more floor space you can see in the photos, the larger your listing will look. Right now, space is even more important to potential buyers.

Go through the home, paying particular attention to the entryway and bedrooms. Remove all extraneous items that touch the floor. Neatly stash all toys and shoes in a closet. 

5. Balance the accents.

An unbalanced room gives off an unsettling vibe. Your buyers will be drawn to listings that are staged for balance and symmetry. Check the accessories: a sofa needs four pillows, two on either side. A master bed needs two nightstands with two lamps or light fixtures. Surfaces - counters, tables, coffee tables, empty shelving - need just a couple of thoughtful accents: a small succulent, two or three books, a bowl or vase.

Now, fluff and then smooth all cushions and pillows. Carefully refold or drape any throws. When you walk out of the room, turn around to check it again for symmetry. You want your potential buyers to see a balanced, appealing space. 

Everywhere I look, the housing market is showing more signs of activity. A listing I recently staged received 16 offers and sold for well over the listing price. If you have a new listing, a difficult seller, or are taking over another realtor's listing that hasn't moved, please contact me. I'd love to help.