What's New In Staging & Design

This year, in staging and design, what's old is new and what's new is old. Thoughtfully incorporating the trends below will put your seller's home at the top of competing buyers' lists. What is even better news for you and your seller: today's trends mean that we can reuse more of the seller's own items and spend less on staging.

1. Sustainability tops the list.

There are two aspects to this. First, eco-friendly elements like low-VOC paint, energy-efficient windows and appliances, and smart thermostats, blinds, and lighting are important touches buyers will both ask about and notice.

Second, vintage furniture is the trend of the day. We're staging with more and more of the seller's own furniture, carefully chosen and placed, with on-trend décor and accessories to complete the look.

2. Wood is back—with a vengeance. 

This goes beyond wood furniture and rattan, and into moulding, built-ins, and even natural trim. 

3. Brown is having a moment.

Vintage furniture, including dark brown furniture, is increasingly popular. The color brown, thoughtfully incorporated with accessories and décor, evokes nature, safety, and groundedness—all feelings that help buyers connect with the home.

4. Curves are in.

We're seeing curves not only in furniture but also in structural elements. Oval is becoming a popular option for kitchen islands, arched doorways are in style (and relatively easy to incorporate), and curved staircases and other curved structural elements are getting buyers talking.

5. Lighting gets dramatic.

Unique light fixtures are a fantastic way to add drama to any room. There are so many affordable options on the market, now. We use dramatic lighting to make sure that our listings stand out with buyers. 

6. Mixed metals rule.

We're staging with mixed hardware, particularly in the kitchen: chrome, gold, or brushed nickel faucets, mixed with black or bronze hardware. There are many ways to create a unified and on-trend look while keeping more of the seller's original hardware.

This year, one element to avoid is overwhelming gray. Touches of gray are just fine, but a primarily gray palette is much more likely to turn off potential buyers. We're still using plenty of white, but now with warmer tones.

The great thing about the trends above: we can use more of your seller's furniture and other elements and stage with less. Every one of the listings we have staged this way has sold for top dollar, fast (in days—or even one day), after receiving multiple offers. Contact me if you'd like to talk about our faster, better staging solutions and what would work best for an upcoming listing. I look forward to hearing from you.