Two Ways To Upgrade Your Listing

Professional home staging is part thoughtfully resetting the home, inside and out, to appeal to more buyers, and part creating ways for each buyer to feel an emotional connection to the home. A buyer who feels an emotional connection to a home will always be willing to spend more.

Here is how to use my favorite upgrade plus a tried-and-true staging best practice to get a higher price for your seller. 

Add greenery. 

My final touch in a home is to add plants both to soften the room and to make each room's design feel finished and complete. Plants add warmth. They make rooms feel more inviting and comfortable. Plants lift people's moods (yes, it's proven!) and make them feel connected—exactly how we want potential buyers to feel when they see your listing. 

My favorite ways to incorporate plants:

  • Add greenery to a vase and place it on a counter, table, or mantel.
  • Set a plant or two in a bookcase.
  • Display a succulent or stems in a display case or china cabinet (so pretty!)
  • Add air plants to wall hangings.


Call attention to architectural features. 

Every single home has unique architectural features—even homes of the same model within the same development. Don't wait for buyers to notice these on their own. Instead, surprise and delight your buyers by highlighting the unique elements of your listing:

  • Decorative molding: crown molding, chair rail, decorative mantels, or unique trim around doors or windows. Buyers see these as an upgrade.
  • Breakfast nooks or islands. Buyers are looking for places for family and friends to gather. Help them envision their family and their friends gathering in the space.
  • Outdoor areas. An outdoor area is another gathering area that adds usable square footage to the home. Buyers love outdoor space.
  • Hardwood floors. Today's buyers pay more for hardwood floors. They appreciate hardwood's beauty and durability. 
  • Bay windows. I remove everything around the windows and pull back all curtains to show the extra space and light created by this unique feature. 


I'd love to help you get a higher sales price for your listing. Contact me to talk about our faster, better staging solutions and which would work best for you and your sellers.