Two Ways To Elevate Your Listing—Fast

A well-staged home in this tight housing market can add tens of thousands of dollars to the sales price—resulting in very happy sellers, indeed! Here is how best to use an ongoing trend plus a tried-and-true staging best practice to elevate your listing:

Ongoing trend: fur. 

One of my favorite trends is using fur for texture, to upgrade the overall look and feel of any room. I keep a stash of sheepskin and faux fur pieces, which can be draped artfully over a sofa, used as a runner on a table, or layered over another rug. They can be used to enhance a dining room chair or an accent chair in a bedroom, or tossed to land just so on a bed. 

Tried-and-true best practice: lighting. 

It's proven that a well-lit listing will make people feel better and help create an emotional connection to the home. This is exactly how you want your potential buyers to feel. To achieve this:

  • Raise all blinds or shades and open or remove all curtains to let in as much natural light as possible
  • Use lamps or light fixtures with light cream or white shades that are rated for at least a 100-watt bulb
  • Choose soft warm LED or incandescent bulbs (no fluorescents, please!)
  • Ensure every lamp and light fixture is in good working condition and fill each with the highest wattage bulb possible
  • Use identical bulbs, all with the same hue, to create the symmetry that will be more pleasing to buyers' eyes

As you know, we've adapted our staging services to fit today's fast, online-first buying process where so many of the listings are still occupied. Contact me to see which of our faster, better staging options will work best for you and your sellers.