Easy Ways To Talk About The Value Of Staging With Your Seller

Realtors and stagers know that staging is an investment to help increase a listing's sales price and reduce days on market. However, some sellers - particularly those who need it the most - still struggle with the concept of staging. Here is how I explain the value of staging to even the most resistant of clients.

1. Staging follows a proven formula to get the best price for the seller's home.

There are no rules to living in a home. The homeowner can design, decorate, and furnish to suit their unique, personal taste. When selling, though, it's all about the buyer. Buyers must be able to envision themselves happily living in the home, and the more buyers you can appeal to, the better your chances are for a higher sales price and a faster sale.

Staging isn't design. Instead, professional stagers follow a proven formula to showcase a home's potential and to forge an emotional connection with buyers, through careful attention to space, light, and flow, and by highlighting the home's unique architectural features. The data shows that staging works.

2. Staging ensures that the buyer's first impression is positive and memorable.

The buyer's first impression of a home will be formed by the photos in the listing. A professional stager understands just how to set up the shots that will show the home to its best advantage and showcase the features that today's buyers want. Staging helps the potential buyer remember the home - in a positive way - from the listing photos.

Staging also shapes the buyer's first in-person impression. When the buyer first walks up to and into the home, our goal is that they immediately perceive the home as well-maintained and spacious with plenty of light.

3. Staging shows that the house is move-in ready.

These days, most buyers want to do as little work - and spend as little money - as possible before moving in and enjoying their new home. A well-organized and well-maintained home gives the impression that it has been cared for. This is exactly the type of home that today's buyers want to buy.

4. Smart staging helps buyers envision the home's potential.

Most buyers can't see past awkward furniture layouts, unusual room shapes, or poor paint choices. A clean, clutter-free home with neutral walls and on-trend furniture, art, and accessories shows the buyer just how fabulous their new home could be. Staging creates a vision of a home that buyers will aspire to live in. 

5. Staging sets your listing apart from others on the market.

When all else is equal, staging helps ensure that your listing will sell first. It's like selling a car: if a potential buyer is looking at two cars that are nearly identical, and one has been professionally detailed and the other is in its owner's usual state of use, the car that has been detailed will sell first, every time. 

The idea of preparing a home for sale can be overwhelming to many sellers. Staging makes it easier: a professional stager will lead the conversation with your seller and work directly with them to show how a reasonable investment in staging can make all of the difference. 

If you have a seller who definitely needs staging but is resisting the suggestion, please email or call. I would be happy to work with the seller to make the process simpler and easier for all involved.