Getting The Best Price For Your Listing: Staging For Maximum Effect

One of the things I like most about home staging is that we're all working toward common goals: the best price for the listing, more good offers received quickly, and happy sellers who refer more clients.

There are a few actions that experienced realtors take that help a professional stager achieve the best results possible. It may surprise you that it's not about having the best property or the highest budget (although having the right budget definitely helps!) Instead, it's all about laying the right groundwork with the client. 

1. Get the right people in the room.

It's important to have everyone from the seller's side who will be making or heavily influencing decisions present at the initial staging consultation. That way, the stager can explain to all how staging is a proven way to maximize the appeal of the home in order to get the best price, outline why she's recommending specific changes, and second your recommendations as she gathers all information needed for a successful staging. 

Otherwise, we have to rely on the one person present to communicate the value of staging and recommended changes to the others involved in the selling decision. In my experience, that does not always go well.

2. Request an in-person consult in the home.

The best way to demonstrate the value of staging and help sellers understand and accept professional staging recommendations is to conduct the initial staging consultation with the sellers, in person, in the soon-to-be-listed property. During the consult, I give sellers a live example by making a small change - rearranging a few key pieces of furniture or removing a window treatment - that has a big impact. That live example is worth a thousand words, as it helps sellers immediately grasp the value of what good staging can do.

This also allows a good stager to understand what is most motivating to the seller. Some sellers are all about the bottom line, others may want a buyer who appreciates their home, and some just don't want to be involved in the details. An in-person meeting helps create trust and helps me understand how best to gently break any difficult news or approach sensitive topics.

3. Provide examples of success.

One of the easiest ways to help set your stager up for success is to share a brief example of just how well staging has worked in the past. Experienced realtors often mention a success we've had together or bring before-and-after photos of a previous listing. Newer realtors can share an example of how staging was successful for a colleague or for another listing in the area. These examples are both powerful and motivating to sellers.

Don't be afraid to ask your stager to help you win that listing you really want. There are realtors who schedule an initial staging consultation with a potential client as a way to win the listing. Sometimes newer realtors find that inviting an experienced stager to a discussion with a potential client can demonstrate the value of a strong team and get a signature on that contract.

To discuss how I can help, before or after the contract is signed, please call or email.