Trends To Consider When Staging Your Listings This Year

To get the best price for your seller's home, I recommend staging that showcases the home's unique features while incorporating current design trends that fit both the house and the layout. Below are a few key trends that we'll see more of this year.

1. Eco-friendly homes.

Most buyers are aware of the dangers of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and may ask if the interior paint emits low or no VOCs. The popularity of hardwood floors continues, with buyers seeking fewer synthetic materials like carpeting while showing an appreciation for the beauty of wood. Incorporating healthy, air-filtering plants into designs and water filtration systems are two additional ways today's buyers are being eco-friendly.

2. Low maintenance designs.

Today's buyers seem to be less and less willing to make changes before they move in. In my experience, buyers may not even purchase homes that need a lot of work and are willing to pay a higher price for move-in ready homes with finishes that are easier to maintain. This means quartz or granite, no-stain grout, and paints and surfaces that are easier to clean and will hold up to the demands of family life.

3. Monochromatic color schemes.

Light, bright, monochromatic color schemes - think white, gray, and cement - are becoming increasingly popular and being used as the backdrop for many different design styles. Look for more consistent color palettes, whether light or dark, that feature contrasting elements and a pop of color. 

4. Organic look and feel.

Many have seen the farmhouse trend on HGTV. This trend should continue, as should hygge, a Danish term that is often translated as cozy contentment. Adding texture with organic elements like baskets, nubby pillows, fur rugs or throws, and plants while highlighting reading or relaxation nooks are good examples. Expect to see more layers, texture, wood, and handmade items in homes staged to appeal to today's buyers. 

5. Finishing touches.

To add a pop of color or contrast, incorporate this year's color trends, from jewel tones like sapphire, magenta, and emerald to pastels - blush pink, light blue, and mint green - and florals. When staging, I make sure to look at the home's key features and existing color palette and use trends where they fit.

For more of my insights into successful home staging, watch this video. If you'd like to talk about staging one of your listings or how best to highlight an unusual feature of a home, please email or call.