How To Use This Year's Design Trends In Home Staging

First, thank you for voting for me in the Best of Bethesda Readers' Poll for home staging! I was surprised, pleased, and grateful to get the call about the award.

Now, on to this year's trends: a good stager knows that the careful use of on-trend elements can help showcase your listing's unique features and create an aspirational look and feel - all of which will help you get the best price for your seller's home. This year's design trends have some surprises in store:

1. Blue is the new neutral. 

We'll see a prominent use of blue in home furnishings, décor, and design this year. The good news: every color goes with blue. While traditional royal blue is most popular (see Pantone's color of the year: classic blue), expect a wide variety of shades of blue in upholstery, on cabinetry, and in accent pieces.

When staging, the judicious use of blue can help strike a calm, welcoming note.

2. The new finish: brushed brass.

When updating kitchen hardware, bathroom fixtures, and lighting before a home goes on the market, consider brushed brass. This on-trend finish is a beautiful metal that brings a feeling of luxury to any room. 

3. Imperfection rules.

Designers are embracing the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi: a reverence for authenticity by using elements that are more natural and less perfect. Expect more asymmetry and less structure. When staging, as appropriate, we will incorporate more elements that are aged or handmade, including pottery, metal pieces with patinas, wicker, and wood. 

4. Texture, texture, texture.

Textured fabrics are a must-have this year. When staging a listing, the careful use of texture and layers will create a cozy, inviting look to appeal to a broad range of prospective buyers. Faux fur and pelts continue to be a good way to work in this trend.

5. Bolder, brighter patterns. 

Bolder, brighter patterns - some straight from the runway - are making a comeback, as is wallpaper. Incorporating just a bit of this trend will go a long way in creating a modern vibe. 

6. Ah, organics.

The new trend in fabric: organics. Organic cotton and linen feature prominently in the latest collections. Organic cotton is a great choice for bedding as it is breathable and comfortable. Linen, one of the oldest known fabrics, is breathable and naturally antibacterial. Choosing touchable organic bed sheets and duvet covers will encourage buyers to imagine themselves sinking into that bedroom haven. 

7. Here to stay: low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

What has not changed: buyers want a home that's easy to care for. They are often willing to pay more for a move-in ready home with finishes that are easier to maintain. Organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly are here to stay; expect questions from buyers on paint and finishes. 

When staging, a light touch with just the right pieces, elements, and colors will create a listing that shows as up-to-date, move-in ready, and aspirational: a place your buyers will want to make theirs. 

Interested in discussing how we can stage your next listing to help ensure a faster sale at a better price? Just email or call.