The Best Way To Stage A Master Bedroom

Prospective home buyers have many wants and needs. One of these is a master bedroom that looks and feels like a sanctuary: somewhere they can snuggle in, shut the door, and leave the world behind. Here is how to stage the perfect bedroom retreat:

1. Make the bed the focal point. 

Whenever possible, place the bed so that it's the first thing your buyers see when they walk into the room. Don't worry if that means that the bed is in front of a window. We'll choose a headboard that doesn't block the light.

2. Choose linens that convey luxury.

Your buyer should be tempted to sink into a cozy, luxurious bed. Convey the emotions that come with vacationing in a high-end hotel room by echoing that design. Start with white linens. Add a high-quality comforter and layer on the pillows: bed pillows next to the headboard, then decorative shams and accent pillows. Choose an accent color in a cool tone -  blue, green, aqua, or gray - to promote a feeling of calm serenity.

Don't forget to cover the box spring, if it's visible, or to add a bed skirt if needed.

3. Balance the room.

Add two nightstands and two sources of light: a nightstand or table on either side of the bed and two sconces or lamps. The nightstands don't need to be a perfect match but they should be of similar height. A balanced bedroom will make your buyer feel more comfortable.

4. Look at the floor.

Beautiful wood floors don't need any embellishment. Nor does a well-carpeted room. But, if the bedroom is large and seems to dwarf the bed, add a rug. An 8' x 10' rug, laid lengthwise, that begins before the footboard and extends about halfway up the bed is perfect.

5. Add the final touches. 


  • Seating. If there is obvious room for seating, add a chair or table and chair - but don't cram any additional furniture into a small space.
  • Walls. A neutral wall color will keep the bed as the focal point.
  • Artwork. Any artwork should reflect the cool, relaxing tone you've chosen as the accent color.
  • Windows. Open all shades for maximum light.
  • Storage. It's fine to store items under the bed as long as you check from all angles to ensure that nothing is visible.


A well-staged master bedroom should make your prospective buyers just a little reluctant to leave the room.

If you'd like to talk more about how we can stage an upcoming listing for a faster sale at a higher price, please contact me.