More Staging Secrets: The Power Of The Tray

Professional home staging is about enhancing a listing: bringing out the best in every home by making thoughtful choices and adding touches that enable more potential buyers to connect emotionally with the space.

That means more showings, more offers, and a higher sales price.

It's about the little things: the location of each piece of furniture. Subtracting a seller's overblown or fussy taste. The final touches that make the home inviting and appealing, while also polished and a little more upscale.

Today's staging secret: how to use trays to create vignettes. Vignettes are self-contained moments of style that exist within a larger space. They are an underappreciated yet powerful tool in home staging. They help set a vibe and sell a lifestyle.

What to do: 

1. Identify your locations.

Every flat surface should have a carefully curated item or vignette. Identify the locations: kitchen counter, bathroom counter, dresser, coffee table, etc.

2. Find your trays.

Get creative! I love to use wooden cutting boards. You might choose wicker, metal, or marble, or even a large dish or metal serving tray. 

3. Create your vignettes.

Use the tray to contain and highlight your vignette. This might be a folded washcloth and fancy soap in a dish on a bathroom counter, a bottle of wine with wineglasses and napkins on a serving tray in the dining area, or even a piece of art or mini sculpture on top of a coffee table book (perfect to use as a tray). 

Get ready to hear "My whole house looks amazing!" and "My home sold so quickly—I'm so happy."

Good news: we have consistently achieved excellent results with staging consults alone. If you have questions or have an upcoming listing you want to sell for top dollar, contact me. I'll recommend which of our faster, better staging solutions is just right for your listing.