2 Tricks To Staging With A Seller's Furniture

More and more, we are staging listings with the seller's own furniture. Sometimes, though, it's a question of taste: not every seller has pieces that are current, on-trend, or appeal to a broad range of buyers.

We can fix that. Here are two tricks that I share with clients during the staging consult.

1. Rearrange and repurpose.

First, I recommend how to rearrange and repurpose the seller's furniture. This may mean moving furniture within a room, or more often, using items from one room to create seating areas and show purpose in other areas of the home. We use the best pieces in the first impression rooms—the areas that have the most impact on buyers.

Then, it's time for one of our secret weapons: pillows, throws, and skins.

2. Add texture.

Bring on the pillows! I start with a carefully chosen selection of textured pillows. Typically in cream or white, textures include bouclé, crochet, mud cloth, faux fur, and nubby linen. Every open seat gets a pillow. Then, we add in throws and faux animal skins, in similar textures, light or white colors, and often faux fur.

These elements soften leather furniture, cover stains, hide pet damage, and add warmth. Perhaps most important: textured pillows, throws, and skins photograph beautifully in your listing photos.

The result: seller after seller will say "I can't believe how great my house looks." The staged homes consistently receive multiple offers, spend fewer (or no!) days on market, and command a higher sales price.

Do you have an upcoming listing that needs smart staging? Contact me to discuss which of our faster, better staging solutions would work best.