Why Better Lighting Results In Fewer Days On Market

Most buyers are quite rational about which homes they choose to see. They'll search online for homes in the right location and in their price range that have the appropriate numbers of bedrooms.

The buying decision, though, is based on emotion. A well-lit home has been proven to make people feel better. The right lighting will help a buyer connect emotionally to the home. An emotional connection - someplace that "feels like home," "has good energy," or where the buyer feels "comfortable" - is what will get you an offer.

Follow these five easy steps to help your buyers connect with your listing. 

1. Maximize natural light.

Raise all blinds and shades and open all curtains, including the sheers, to let in as much natural light as possible. Less-than-stellar view? Don't worry, we'll work around that.

2. Choose the right lamps.

If you purchase new lamps or light fixtures, choose those with light cream or white shades that are rated for at least a 100-watt bulb. While colored shades and Tiffany-style lamps can be attractive, they let out less light.

3. Pick the best bulb. 

No buyer wants to see themselves in an unflattering light. No buyer will wait for bulbs to brighten. That means fluorescent lighting is out. Instead, choose LED or incandescent bulbs. Avoid bright white; select soft warm bulbs, instead. 

4. Fill every fixture.

Check the rating for each lamp and light fixture and fill each with the highest wattage possible. Verify that every fixture and every bulb works. 

5. Use identical bulbs.

A bathroom fixture filled with bulbs of differing hues just looks sloppy. Buyers' eyes prefer symmetry. Don't skimp here. Fill recessed lights, chandeliers, bathroom fixtures, and paired table lamps with identical bulbs.

Careful attention to lighting is one of the most important parts of successful home staging. It's also one of the least expensive ways to help create a strong emotional connection with a buyer. 

Don't worry: every home has a particularly dark room or corner. I'll bring the right lamp.