Where To Add Drama To Your Listing

The way to get top dollar for your listing: add a careful touch of drama to highlight the home's unique features to make your listing stand out in what may sometimes seem like a sea of gray.

An experienced stager will know exactly how to set your listing apart from cookie-cutter, entry-level staging with a few very careful touches. Here's how.

1. The front door.

The entrance of any listing should reflect the overall color scheme. Here is where you can get creative: green, yellow, and yes, even pink. One of the listings we just staged has a front door painted in a rich blue with a hint of purple. It gets comments from all who enter.

A memorable front door is a good start to a memorable listing that gets multiple offers.

2. The powder room.

The powder room on the main floor is a perfect space to delight a potential buyer. It's typically best to limit the drama to just one element: patterned navy wallpaper or one-of-a-kind ceramic floor tiles. As always, consult with your stager first to make sure that you're adding an element that will enhance the listing and not detract.

3. The fireplace.

A fireplace should always serve as the focal point of the room. That said, a fireplace that's in less than perfect condition or that's a little too small for the space can be made into a dramatic feature wall. We might recommend painting the entire wall and fireplace - but not the mantel! - the same color.

For more interest, use molding to create a grid and paint the wall and the grid the same shade. Feature walls work best when painted a darker, richer color, like charcoal gray.

4. Built-ins.

Accent built-in shelves by painting the vertical surface at the back of the shelves a brighter or darker color that is consistent with the home's color scheme. Some of our favorites: light, medium, or darker blue.

5. Lighting.

A stand-out chandelier in a two-story foyer or a dramatic flush mount fixture in the master bath or master bedroom can draw an entranced "ooh" or "aah" from prospective buyers. 

6. Décor.

A professional stager will add a splash of color in just the right spot. For example, we added a bright piece of artwork, with pink as the predominant color, over the mantel of a recent listing.

Most important is to consult with your stager. The secret to doing this right is to add a touch of drama that's on-trend in a limited area that's easy to change. The goal is to create a memorable listing that appeals to a broad audience of potential buyers. See our Pinterest board for some examples of what I mean.

If you'd like to talk more about how to get top dollar for your listing or would like help with an upcoming listing, please call or email.