How To Renew A Kitchen Without Gutting It

So many times, we hear sellers talk about the need to do a wholesale renovation of their kitchen to maximize the sales price of the home.

That's almost never necessary. It takes only one staging consult to list what your sellers can do to get top dollar—without gutting the kitchen. Here are five updates to make any kitchen shine:

1. Change the hardware.

Mixed metals are in. We're continuing to stage with mixed hardware: chrome, gold, brushed nickel, black, and bronze. It's fun, and it works well to elevate the entire kitchen.

2. Stick with white.

Clean, freshly painted cabinets make a world of difference. The trend reports you read will tell you that color is in, and it is. But, white cabinets still sell best.

3. Update fixtures.

Upgraded lighting can completely change the look of a kitchen. An on-trend faucet will get noticed. These two updates are relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive.

4. Address the countertops. 

You probably don't need to pull the countertops and replace them with quartz. Instead, we'll see if we can get some more life out of your seller's current countertops with smart accessorizing. However, if the countertops just need to be replaced, I'll tell you.

5. Consider the appliances.

Kitchen appliances get more than their fair share of attention from buyers. Still tried-and-true: stainless steel appliances. 

Every day, we come up with creative ways to work with your seller's home and stage with less. Contact me to discuss which of our faster, better staging solutions would work best for your upcoming listings.