Essential Kitchen Updates For Any Listing

Potential buyers will carefully scrutinize your listing's kitchen - particularly now, with more families dining in. Below is how to get a covetable kitchen without paying for a pricey renovation. The goal is a kitchen that is at or slightly above the standards for the neighborhood, to maximize your return on investment. A smart stager always encourages the seller to consult with their realtor before making any changes.


Below are six essential kitchen updates, in typical priority order. Before jumping in, though, ask your stager! She'll recommend which of the steps are needed and how to tailor each recommendation to showcase the unique features and style of your listing.


1. Change the hardware.


One of the easiest updates: replacing current cabinet hardware with clean, modern knobs or pulls. Choose unfussy bars or knobs in brushed nickel or chrome.


2. Modernize the appliances.


Buyers want a home that's move-in ready. Don't disappoint a potential buyer with out-of-date appliances. Instead, choose a stainless steel set with a well-known brand name. Ideally, the refrigerator will be plenty deep while still fitting in well and looking good in the space.


3. Paint the cabinets.


There are so many on-trend colors and options. That said, choose what's universally appealing: white. Potential buyers love to see a light, bright kitchen that they can make their own.


4. Check out the countertops.


Your seller may be perfectly happy with their formerly on-trend Ubatuba or Santa Cecilia granite, but potential buyers won't be. These countertops immediately give the impression of an outdated kitchen. Instead, opt for light-colored quartz or granite.


5. Update the sink and faucet.


Choose a stainless steel undermount sink that's fairly deep. For the faucet, follow the guidelines for hardware: a streamlined, modern piece in brushed nickel or chrome.


6. Add a modern backsplash.


You can't go wrong with subway tile. It's cost effective, looks good, and is popular with buyers. Choose white, or maybe - if your stager agrees - gray or blue.


The goal, as always, is to appeal to more potential buyers by creating a modern look and feel that is move-in ready, so that you can get the best price for your listing, fast.

To discuss what your listing's kitchen might need, please email or call. I'd be happy to help.