Everything's Coming Up Green

This roller-coaster housing market creates opportunities and we're here to help you make the most of them. Stage a listing well, and it sells for more. Period.

Here is how to use this year's color of the year and a professional staging best practice to make your listing #1 on every buyer's list:

Stay on trend by going green. 

That's green as in the color. This year, shades of green have dominated in décor. To give any listing an on-trend, up-to-date look, add green. The easiest way is to add accents: pillows or throws on seating or in the bedroom. An accent chair or sofa works well, too. 

I'll often pair a pop of green with a more subtle color: almond, peach, or blush. 

Always look up. 

When you live in a home, it's easy to overlook a little dust. And we never, ever look up.

A listing, however, must be spotless. Throughout the showing, you'll watch your buyers look up, and everywhere they look needs to be clean. It starts with the porch ceiling and the door surround—no cobwebs, dirt, or dust, please. You'll need to clean ceilings, remove spider webs from all corners, and dust recessed lights and ceiling fans. Every light fixture needs to be taken down and washed (dome lights are a beacon for bugs), and you want that beautiful chandelier to sparkle. Anything louvered, including return vents and bathroom fans, needs special attention, too. 

I'm here to help you get top dollar. Reach out to me to talk through which of our new faster, better staging options will work best for you and your sellers.