The Best Way To Use Color When Staging A Home

The careful use of color is essential to a well-staged listing. A professional home stager will choose background and accent colors that fit the home, have broad appeal, and foster an emotional connection between potential buyers and your listing.


1. Background vs. accent colors.

We all want potential buyers to actively envision themselves living in the home. For this reason, neutral colors - white, gray, and beige - work best as the backdrop: on walls and for larger pieces of furniture.

Brighter, more vibrant colors are best for accent colors. Art and accessories in the chosen accent color, placed strategically throughout the listing, connect spaces and create flow from room to room.

2. Different colors evoke different emotions.

The thoughtful use of pops of a particular color will help create the right mood. Warm colors, such as gold, rust, red, and yellow, create a more lively and social atmosphere. Cool colors like blue, green, and many grays and whites create a more calm, serene feel. Blue is an excellent accent color for a bedroom, where you want an inviting, relaxing vibe.

3. Not all colors are created equal.

Most homeowners gravitate to one color; as such, many homes will already have a common color scheme. If possible, I'll use accents in that color to stage the home. 

Blue is popular and will appeal to a broader range of potential buyers. Red accents can add a bold touch to a living room and help a listing stand out well in photos. I usually avoid orange or brown accents, as these colors are among the least popular with both women and men.

4. Lights and lighting matter.

Lampshades should always be white or light-colored to allow maximum light into the room. Soft white LED or incandescent bulbs result in the most flattering lighting. Fluorescent bulbs are out, period. They negatively affect color by casting a sickly green undertone - not what your buyers want! 

5. Don't forget the kitchen.

A few mugs, a vase, or a bowl are inexpensive ways to carry the color scheme into the kitchen for a cohesive feel. These pops of the chosen accent color will help break up a monochromatic kitchen and highlight its unique details.

Color inspires me. I love the process of choosing the colors that work best to showcase each home's most attractive features and help buyers make that emotional connection to their next new home.

If you'd like to talk about how we can use color to get the best price for your new listing, please email or call.