Why Some Sellers Are Still Afraid Of Staging

Those of us in the industry know that staging works: smart staging puts more money in the seller's pocket and helps homes sell more quickly. There are clients, however, who are apprehensive about staging, and it's rarely about the investment required. For those clients, I help them understand what staging is - and what it isn't.

1. Staging isn't renovation.

One reluctant client initially refused to consider staging as she had been told that she would have to move half of her belongings into storage, knock down walls, and paint the entire house. Overwhelmed, she began to rethink her decision to sell. Instead, I showed her how - after just some painting - we could rearrange and repurpose her own furniture and declutter. A few hours of work resulted in multiple offers within three days of listing.

2. Staging doesn't mean you have to move out.

Another client resisted as she'd assumed that she and her family would have to move - permanently - before the home could be staged. After hearing the simple steps she could take to get top dollar while still living in her staged home, she readily agreed.

3. Staging isn't a redesign.

A professional stager won't argue about design aesthetics or critique a homeowner's personal taste or sense of style. Instead, I explain that staging has a formula and is a proven process to attract a larger number of potential buyers.

4. Staging is working with the seller's budget and available resources. 

What surprises some sellers:

  • That a good stager can often work with the seller's furniture and décor (usually with some thoughtful additions).
  • That careful editing and attention to light, flow, space, and architectural features can make a world of difference.
  • That professional stagers work with the seller's realtor to make cost-conscious choices.


5. A good stager works hard to take some of the burden off the realtor.

A professional stager is on your team:

  • She works with the seller to prepare the home for sale, including assisting with organizing and storage.
  • She helps manage the homeowner's stress and emotions throughout the process.
  • Her goal is the same as yours: to get the home on the market faster and to sell it more quickly for a higher sales price.

If your seller is apprehensive about staging, contact me. Whatever your situation, I'm happy to help.