How To Maximize Your Listing's Curb Appeal

Your listing doesn't get a second chance to make a first impression.

The front entrance, viewed from the curb, sets the tone for your buyers. This is when they decide whether or not they'll love the home and just how much they're willing to pay.

1. Revisit the front entrance. 

Often, your sellers will enter their home from a side entrance or the garage. This can leave a blind spot: the front entrance, where buyers will be walking in. 

It's critical to choose the right entrance into your listing, as the first impression of the interior is the next deciding factor. Typically, we recommend the front entrance, as it usually helps highlight the home's architectural features to increase the appeal to potential buyers.

2. Match color and style.

The outside entry and front door should begin to set expectations for the inside of the home. If the home is midcentury modern, if possible, it should feature a midcentury modern door. At a minimum, try to match or echo the color scheme. No budget for upgrades or struggling to find a good match? It's hard to go wrong with a classic black door. Just make sure that the exterior fixtures match the home's style, too. 

3. Ensure all appears to be well-maintained.

Peeling shutters, rotting wood, or rusty railings can derail a sale - or trim more than you might think from the sales price. Buyers' expectations are set by the condition of the exterior. If they see a well-maintained exterior, they'll assume that the interior has been well cared for. Don't forget the fixtures and other outdoor elements: the doorknob and knocker, light fixture, mailbox, and house numbers. Sometimes these can be polished; sometimes it's better to replace them.

4. Manicure the yard.

I can't count the number of times I've seen an overgrown lawn, weedy pavers, or a hole where a bush or shrub has died and not been replaced. A good landscaper will remove weeds, replace shrubs as needed and neatly trim the rest, prune and clear away any stray tree limbs, carefully mow the lawn, and edge and mulch all beds. Your buyers will notice - and reward you with a higher offer.

5. Clean, clean, and clean some more.

Powerwashing is a must. No one wants to see a dirty walkway or stained siding. The entire front entrance - stairs, porch or deck, and the door surround - must be spotless, with no dirt or dust or cobwebs in sight. As you gather the keys and unlock the door for your buyers, they will be eagerly looking up and down and will notice anything that might suggest neglect. The final touch: clean and polish any glass in the front light fixture so that it's immaculate.

Almost every seller will need to invest in sprucing up the exterior of their house. That investment will pay dividends, particularly in today's market, with additional offers and a higher sales price. If you'd like help or recommendations, please contact me.