How You Can Tell If Your Listing Has Been Staged Well

Times are certainly changing! Be smart and safe out there. That said, there is still a lot of activity in the real estate market, with more properties being listed, plenty of buyers drawn by low interest rates, and ongoing closings and settlements. 

Here is how you can tell if your listing has been staged well:

1. Size-appropriate furniture.

People instinctively know when a room is not balanced. Choose too small of a sofa, and there will be too much empty space. Too large of a sofa, and it will dwarf the room. Your buyer may not be able to tell you why the room feels imbalanced, but they will feel that something is off - never a good thing. 

2. Décor that matches design.

When choosing furniture and décor, match the style of the home with the type of furniture. For example, a mid-century home should have mid-century furniture, while a contemporary home demands more contemporary pieces. 

3. Pared-back accessories.

Overloading a home with accessories distracts buyers from the home's architectural features and ruins the flow. I was asked to evaluate a listing that had been hanging on the market for months, only to walk into the home and find it dripping with gold accents and accessories. After we pared back the accessories and removed accent pieces, a buyer whisked that home off the market. 

4. Accents that show purpose.

This may go without saying, but I have been shown more than one listing where the accent pieces didn't match the room's function. You should see baskets, towels, or linens in a laundry room cabinet, not decorative bowls or crystal.

5. Art in proportion.

Large walls require large artwork. A painting that's too small, no matter how beautiful, will throw off the balance of the room and cheapen the look. The right large piece, placed well, can be used to hold space and improve flow.

6. Proper placement.

A professional stager knows just how to set up the first-impression room so that the buyer is drawn right into your listing. A well-staged living room with properly positioned sofas or chairs makes the room feel larger and more inviting. 

These times are creating challenges and opportunities for all of us in the real estate industry. If you have a property that will be coming onto the market soon, please contact me. I'll explain what we're doing to keep everyone safe and healthy as we set the stage to help you get the best price for your listing and your seller.