The Best Way To Stage A Home Over The Holidays

A good realtor is always the best guide of the right time to list a home. For those who recommend listing in December to get a jump on the early spring market, here are five tips on staging during the holidays.

1. Pack up the decorations.

My advice on holiday decor: avoid it if you can. If the seller is still in the home and feels that they need holiday decorations, keep the decorations to a minimum and in one area - for example, the kitchen and living room.

Holiday decorations tend to distract, not enhance. Instead, stage to showcase the unique features of the home and to encourage an emotional connection to the space.

2. Not in the photos, please.

Remove any seasonal decor before professional photos are taken so that the listing always appears fresh. 

3. Keep it pristine.

The buyer will have a minute or two to look at the details as you get out the key and open the front door. They'll look up, down, and around. This time of year, leaves and dust collect quickly; ask your seller to carefully clean the front doorway, porch, and stoop every day.

4. Remove the wreath.

My goal is to give a buyer an immediate sense of space as they walk into the home. Typically, buyers enter in twos or threes, accompanied by a realtor and possibly their significant other. A wreath narrows the doorway by several inches, making it harder to pass and giving the space a more cramped feeling. Don't believe me? Check for yourself: enter the home with and without a wreath on the door.  

5. Make an entrance.

If possible, ensure that the first space the buyer sees is free of holiday decorations. Let that first room shine so that the buyer gets a good feel for the home and a positive initial impression without the distraction of holiday decor.

For more tips, see these dos and don'ts of holiday home staging. If you need home staging, please email or call. I'd love to help you and your seller get top dollar for their home.