Create Space To Create Value

90% of home buyers are not good at gauging size or space. They can't walk into a room they haven't seen before and figure out how much furniture will fit, nor can they instantly imagine how to attractively arrange their furniture in the space.

One of the most important reasons to stage a home is to help potential buyers see how they could live happily in the space. I follow three core principles of size and space:

1. Show size. 

Buyers need to know how much furniture can fit in each room. Vacant rooms appear smaller, as there is no way to help a buyer gauge what can and cannot fit. Sometimes, staging with furniture is the best way to show just how large a room is.

2. Show space. 

Giving the buyer an example of an attractive arrangement of furniture allows them to envision how they could arrange their own furniture in the room. Artwork is an important component. I like to say that artwork holds space without taking up space - it allows buyers to imagine what will fit in that space without necessarily having to see a piece of furniture.

3. Demonstrate purpose. 

I will often stage a room to show more than one use. So, I might stage a second bedroom with both a twin bed and a desk. A buyer with a child will immediately see how they can remove the desk to make this the perfect place for them, while another buyer will see how the room can become a highly-organized home office. 

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