The Reasons Why You Should Never Skip The Staging Consult

As we all know, it's a seller's market, right now. There are normal numbers of buyers out there, but they're competing for less than half of the usual number of listings.

That means that any decent property that comes on the market will sell. As a result, sellers are tempted to skip the staging consultation.

Big mistake. 

A professional staging consultation can help make your sellers more money—and save it, too. Here's how:

1. There are (hundreds of) thousands of dollars on the table.

A professional staging consultation always pays out. A perfectly good listing we recently staged has an awkward living room. Most potential buyers just don't have the imagination to envision how their furniture can be used in that room. Without staging, the awkward layout would have distracted buyers from seeing the gorgeous architectural features of the room and made that home less attractive. Instead, we thoughtfully repositioned furniture to open up the flow and highlight the room's lovely fireplace, showing potential buyers just how they could use the space.

The home would have sold without staging. With staging, it sold for nearly $400,000 over the listing price. Why leave that kind of money on the table?

2. There are tens of thousands of dollars to save. 

Another recent seller was initially determined to renovate the master bath in an attempt to sell the home for a higher price. His plan was to upgrade all surfaces for an investment of about $25,000. I took one look at the footprint and could see that any new buyer would want to reconfigure the entire space. After the initial staging consult, the buyer agreed with our recommendations to replace only the lighting and faucets and to use carefully chosen décor and accessories to brighten and update the room. This saved the buyer a sizeable amount of money—and meant that the home could be listed more quickly. 

There is no need to overspend in today's market.  

3. A good stager will help overcome resistance to your recommendations.

Some sellers can be difficult. Sometimes, what you need is another professional who supports your recommendations. During an initial consult, we move furniture and décor to show how seemingly small changes can make a significant difference. My goal is to gently convince your sellers to accept the smart recommendations made so that the home sells for more. 

This way, everyone wins.

Call or email me, please, if you'd like help with an upcoming listing.