Highlight Architectural Features For A Higher Sales Price

Every house is unique. Even homes in the same development with the same footprint have their own character, as each homeowner makes different choices.

As a result, every home has unique architectural features. These features - which are different from what you might think - are money in your pocket. Buyers just love them.

Maximize the sales price of your listings by carefully staging to highlight these architectural features: 

1. Decorative molding.

Buyers see decorative molding as an upgrade. This might mean crown molding, chair rail, decorative mantels, or unique trim around doors or windows. When selling, ensure that you call attention to these features by painting all molding in semigloss white so that it stands out against slightly darker walls. Paint a dining room wall in semigloss white from the chair rail down through the baseboard for a stunning effect. 

2. Breakfast nooks or islands.

Many kitchens will have an island or peninsula topped with quartz or granite and an overhang. Buyers are looking for places for family and friends to gather. When staging, add stools so that your potential buyers can envision kids doing homework or guests chatting as dinner is being prepared.

3. Outdoor areas.

An outdoor area is another gathering area that adds usable square footage to the home. Showcase a porch, deck, or firepit by staging with chairs and a table or two. That way, you encourage buyers to see the possibility of friendly gatherings outside in warmer weather or having that first cup of coffee outside in the sun.

4. Hardwood floors.

Sellers typically don't think of hardwood floors as an architectural feature. That's where they're wrong. Today's buyers pay more for hardwood floors. They appreciate hardwood's beauty and durability. Buyers with allergies or pets know that these floors are easier to keep clean. Avoid staging with too many area rugs; try to expose and highlight hardwood floors.

5. Bay windows.

Instead of adding seating or furniture to draw attention to bay windows, do the opposite: remove everything around the windows and pull back all curtains to show the extra space and light created by this unique feature. 

No matter what the architectural feature, never assume that buyers will notice it on their own. Carefully stage to call attention to each feature of your listing for a higher sales price.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how to emphasize the unique architectural features of any of your listings, just email or call.