What's Old Is New: 2021 Design Trends

Bring on 2021! A great way to increase the appeal of a listing is to work in the latest living and design trends - thoughtfully, as best fits each unique home. 

There have been so many changes over the past year. Here is what I'm keeping in mind as we stage listings in 2021:

1. Carve out room to work.

The way people use their homes has changed. Most homes are now being used for more purposes than ever before, as more people now work or study where they live. Whenever possible, we stage to show that there can be a dedicated space for a home office. This might be an entire room, a corner of a room, a secretary desk, or even a cleverly staged closet or space under the stairs.

2. Separate spaces.

Along the same lines, there is a greater need for carefully delineated spaces so that different people can do different things at different times: eat and sleep, and now also work, study, and work out. There are shoji screens and I've seen some wonderful paned glass walls. To highlight a listing's potential, you might show pocket doors and barn doors, and note areas that can be easily (and temporarily) screened off or separated.

3. Find a place for green.

From indoor gardens and a profusion of houseplants, people are finding ways to bring the outdoors in, particularly when they can't go outside. Staging with carefully curated plants helps people feel more connected to their environment - and the listing.

4. Hygge is still in. 

Cozy, warm, comforting touches are key, especially in times of uncertainty. Buyers are looking for homes that can serve as a sanctuary, too. Organic elements and layered blankets, throws, and pillows, thoughtfully edited, will help buyers envision snuggling in with loved ones.

5. Add wood elements.

Natural elements are on-trend. Expect to see even more rattan and wood in homes this year. It's easier to incorporate these elements than you might think. While we'll definitely draw attention to wood-faced kitchen cabinets or a wood-topped island, we can also add a wood bowl or a beautiful wood cutting board or two to an all-white kitchen. 

6. Midcentury with a twist.

Midcentury isn't going anywhere, but we are seeing it evolve with warmer, traditional color palettes. Think warm beige instead of cool gray. This is also a nod to the trend of lower-waste living, with more vintage pieces and investments in fewer, more expensive items.

7. And, the bidet.

Yes, I said it. Toilet paper shortages brought a surge of interest in bidets and bidet attachments. It's an element that buyers will notice and comment on, perhaps share a laugh with you about, and definitely remember. 

8. Upgrade outdoor spaces.

From tiny balconies to grassy backyards, you can add to the perceived value of your listing by demonstrating how outdoor areas can be used as living space. Families with children may be attracted to jungle gyms or trampolines. Those who entertain may remark on the potential to upgrade an outdoor kitchen and even on whether or not the garage, heater in place, can be used for small outdoor gatherings.

9. Hello, Japandi.

A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, this style is clean, minimal, and elegant. You'll see it in clean lines, bright spaces, and lighter wood. One of my favorite elements: furniture in coastal wood, with weathered elements and pale finishes.

If you'd like to talk about how we can use these trends to help your listing stand out and command a higher sales price, please email or call.